lunes, 24 de septiembre de 2012

Classroom posters

Still in the beginning of the course, we decided to prepare some things for it.
Isn't studying and doing exams too boring? It's better to make, design or just search posters to decorate the classroom!
Here we're going to organize, share and publish our posters, so that some teachers can choose the ones that will be printed.
Although, we still can vote and commend ourselves!
Let's see which ones get elected at the end...

I've sent some to the teacher, Diego, for him to upload them. They are:
- Future: Forge your destiny, don't waste your time, your future is YOU!
- Guide: As a guide for your life. Leverage your time and what you do, towards prosperity.
- Time: Take benefits of what you do, do not let fear stop you, take advantage of your effort. Because if you do not work, aren't you wasting your life?

What do you think?

martes, 18 de septiembre de 2012


My name is Mike. I'm fifteen years old and the second youngest among my four brothers. The three eldest of them are already in their thirties and are married. But they live pretty far away from here, although the last time all the family was together was this summer, in the wedding of the youngest of the three. I had to be over fourteen hours on different planes just to get there!

There are about eleven thousand km to there, Malaysia. We ate there lots of different Asian foods, and I'd say it's my favorite type of food. Specially Japanese food, but sadly I don't eat much of it here.
I like to read books in my free time and sometimes to write short stories or just to do martial arts like karate.
In school I like maths, physics, chemistry and biology, although I haven't really been centered enough last years.
Regarding sports, some time ago I played tennis and went swimming a lot, but now I don't have all the time I used to spend on them. Nowadays I just go to the gym or practice martial arts like Aikido, Karate or Muay Thai.
I don't really support any team of any game, because I hate to watch them on TV and I don't go to watch matches wherever they play them.
About my future, I'm not fully sure yet what I want to be or study in college, but I do know it'll be an engineering.