jueves, 4 de octubre de 2012


My PLE (Personal Learning Environment):
My English skills are practically based on having watched hundreds of hours (not consecutively, of course) of English spoken videos. Generally gameplay videos, because I love videogames, but I wasn't able to play them for some time, so I decided to watch other people play!
Later on I started reading some books in English, so it isn't very difficult anymore for me.

My Personal Learning Network (PLN) would be something like this, nowadays:
I also have been translating on Twitter Translation Center for a while, reaching to belong to the 13% of the best translators! Although I've leaved it apart and surely my ranking has dropped a bit.
I've contributed in some official and fan forums in English, for quite a long time.
But I'm most proud of having entered a non-official (but pretty known, being among the fastest and with less faults) groups of translators of a certain game. It was tough because we had to code the translation and none of us had much experience in the game's language (Java).

And what is your PLE like?

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