lunes, 18 de marzo de 2013

This Town Rocks!

This month we've been working on a project called This Town Rocks! in which we organise all the pre-construction process of a Hard Rock Cafe, memorabilia and non-monetary value gathering and the rest of organisation in general.
We had to present in a dossier-format our work to a board of directors to judge and evaluate. The dossier had each name's group (of course), some research about where we are building and about Hard Rock Cafe's in other cities (in our research journal), information about each teambuilding activity, our business letters to famous musicians asking for pieces of memorabilia to be placed in the new Hard Rock Cafe. As well as our daily activity in our reflection journal.
My group is called "Riot Storm" and the components are Antonio Salmerón, Fran Alfonso and myself.

Although, the project is not over yet, and we might even do multimedia presentations!
I'll keep you updated!

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