sábado, 15 de diciembre de 2012


As very few people will go to our school trip and its organization is a mess, we decided to build up a virtual trip to Scotland!
We split up in groups of four, each one with a role (travel agent, catering, guide and teacher) which were in charge of certain tasks. I'm the catering manager, and I have to look up where to stay and what and where to eat.
The final product is an detailed program of the trip.
I belong to an group called "Hot Tamale's", because of a song called Hot Tamale.

This is our main page, although you might need to log in with an account to be able to see what's written on it. If you have to, try to create an account on the Wiki or use the public/guest account, which you will be able to use soon.

Our daily schedules are on the left board, as well as some notes and vocabulary.

Here's our prezy!

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