miércoles, 12 de diciembre de 2012

What to read

Of course, reading is important. Free knowledge for everyone... Or not so free, but, what price is worth more than the reward of reading? Reading is within the reach of anyone, and it helps you in many ways.
Reading stimulates the neurons and keeps the brain active. It's like watching a film in your head!
It reduces stress, increases tranquility and analytical thinking, and it also enriches your vocabulary!
It even helps you improving your memory.

There are lots of kinds of books. For everyone, anyone, thousands of books that he would love.
But, what's even better than reading in another language?
In my case, as my primary language is Spanish, I'll go for English.
I already have two books that I would like to (and I'm going to) read. Whenever I can... I guess...
No, now seriously: I have actually started both some weeks ago, but I ran short of time because of my studies, so I temporarily had to stop reading. These are:

- Black Rock Prison (Volume 1): I have read this same volume already in Spanish, but since it is free, why not read it again in English? I loved it, and I ended wanting more, as the next volume isn't free and I haven't been able to get it yet. I looked up some information some time ago, and it seems that the authors firstly wrote Black Rock Prison as a TV Series, but they didn't present it and then it became a novel. They wrote it both in Spanish and English! Here's the plot (by the authors):

"What is the worst sentence that can befall a convict in Illinois? Not life in prison, not lethal injection. The worst punishment is to be sent to Black Rock Prison, a black-walled fortress whose exact location no one knows. The new warden of this unusual prison controls every dimension of each and every one of the convicts unfortunate enough to be sent there.

The inmates soon will discover that they are not normal people, nor have they been imprisoned there by chance. The sentences awaiting them will be carried out in the shadow of a sinister threat. It isn’t long before they find out that much more than their own lives is riding on solving the mystery of Black Rock."

I chose this book because I loved it's Spanish version and because it's very entertaining.

- The Tower: This one was on one of the bookshelves of my house. The plot seemed interesting, so I took a look and I liked it. Although it's an archaeological book, I've read the half of it already.
This is it's plot:
"Twenty centuries ago, a ferocious, mysterious force hidden in a solitary tower annihilated a squad of Roman soldiers advancing through the Sahara desert. There was a single survivor: the Etruscan diviner Avile Vipinas, who later described the horror of the creature in the tower, and suggested how this being could be destroyed.

But just what is the dark being that slumbers in the tower?
And who are the fierce desert-dwelling Blemmyae observed by ancient travellers : might they truly exist? 

To find the tower and solve its unutterable mystery, three men venture into the heart of the Sahara: an archaeologist following the traces of his father, a colonel from the Foreign Legion thirsting for revenge, and a priest who puts his faith to the ultimate rest."

What do you think?

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