jueves, 13 de diciembre de 2012

We have a guest!

Last week... Ok, about one or two months ago (sorry, I wrote a draft but I forgot to publish it), learning how translators work and related stuff, the mother of one of our partners, Jade, came to visit us at class (they both are English). We did some kind of interview, simulating that Jade's mother (Laura) didn't know any Spanish and we didn't know any English, except one of us, playing the role of translator. So, one by one and by turns, we had to translate into Spanish what she was saying and into English the questions that we asked.

I actually already knew her, and I pretty much see her almost every day (we live pretty close), so it kinda felt like cheating.
However I learned a few things about her that I didn't know. Anyways, here is some of the information that I gathered:

Laura was born in Exeter the nineteenth of January. Exeter is an old city, in the west side of England. It shelter one very important norman cathedral and a lot of old yet beautiful buildings, so as many shops.
During her youth, it was very easy to travel, so she frequently moved to other cities, looking for jobs and just because she loved to travel. She left school at the age of sixteen, a very big mistake, as she says. But later, at the age of 33, she went to university, where she studied Spanish. She has always loved animals, that's why she now has six dogs!
She loves to read and travel, although she doesn't travel much anymore. She can speak English, Spanish and French, and she used to sail too. Her favorite Spanish's food is paella, and her English's is fish and chips.
She lived in Columbia for two years, and also Rumania. She moved to Spain when Jade was little, because of her education. They firstly lived in Majorca, where she worked as a teacher, but then they came to the south of the peninsula, because in her opinion it's a safer place in general.

Well, what do you think about her life until now? Feel free to comment!

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